Thursday, April 15, 2010

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche will reveal the second generation Cayenne at the Geneva motor show next week. Longer and lighter than its predecessor, the new SUV is more powerful yet more fuel efficient than the model it replaces. It will also be available with a hybrid powertrain for the first time.

Though the changes appear to be subtle, the new Cayenne's design is now more closely aligned to that of other Porsche models. The front face employs similar headlamps as the Cayman and the LEDs, tucked into the upper corners of the gaping airdam, are akin to those on the recent 911. The rear end, however, with its taillamps bleeding over onto the rear fender, have an innate Japanese-like design quality. We hope they will be better experienced in the metal.

Along with the 48mm increase in length, the new car's wheelbase has also been extended by 40mm, offering occupants more space and variability inside. The most significant enhancement within the interior is the center console – with its upright gearshift lever – rising up to the front, lending a more sporting character to the cockpit.

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