Friday, September 10, 2010

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley has released full details and pictures of its new Continental GT coupe ahead of its official world debut at the Paris motor show.

Whilst clearly an evolution of the 2003 model, it features an all-new body and heavily revised platform. A more upright grille and LED-encrusted headlamps brings its DRG more in line with the larger Mulsanne sedan. Familiar design themes continue around the rest the car, but with a much greater sense of surface tension and crease sharpness. The complexity of the fender and trunk lid surfaces in particular showcase Bentley's extensive use of superforming in the manufacturing process.

A 41mm wider front and 48mm wider rear track, combined with larger, 20-inch wheels add to its muscularity, while horizontal tail lights enhance its breadth both physically and visually.

The interior continues the evolution with new, upgraded materials and equipment but the same double-cowl IP theme. New seats, which liberate more rear legroom, and more storage space increase everyday usability.

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