Friday, October 22, 2010

Mini Scooter

The first two-wheeled electric Mini will make its world debut at the Paris motor show next week. The Scooter E, defined as 'spontaneous, flexible, CO2-free mobility in the characteristic style of the brand', features a host of Mini design cues transferred onto a vehicle with a much smaller footprint.

Mini is looking to gauge interest in a two-wheeled vehicle for lifestyle-led target groups with the Scooter E. The automaker claims the concept meets the mobility aspirations of those that value premium quality and advanced technology as well as sustainability, individual style and an emotional driving experience. It also sees the scooter as a means to attract a younger audience.

According to Mini, the design team identified new challenges for mobility in major urban areas just as the brand did with the original Mini 51 years ago, transferring the successful combination of driving fun, quality, design and individual style to a smaller vehicle ideally suited to cater to the growing needs or an increasingly urban society.

The Scooter E concept will be shown in two individual design versions in Paris – one a two-seat model and the other a single seater.

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