Monday, January 3, 2011

Nissan Sunny

Nissan is reviving its famous Sunny nameplate for a new entrant to the burgeoning Chinese C-segment sedan market. The car will then go on global sale across 170 countries, under different names dependant of territory.

At 4,426mm long, 1,695mm wide, with a 2,600mm wheelbase, the Sunny is thoroughly conventional in its dimensions, yet there has obviously been a conscious effort to imbue this three-box sedan with a more monobox aesthetic, following on from the Nissan Ellure concept. Hints of the innovative LA concept car can also be spotted in its grille-dominated DRG, arcing DLO and high, short rear deck, created by pulling back the C-pillar. However these appear to be styling cues rather than true architectural innovations.

Inside, the Sunny's Micra/March roots are far easier to spot, with a familiar IP architecture and the inclusion of its smaller sibling's donut-like HVAC controls. The Sunny's emphasis is clearly on rear-seat comfort, its long wheelbase offering more than average leg room, while rear passengers are also treated to a separate HVAC system.

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