Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kia Naimo

As the Seoul Motor Show starts today, Thursday 31st March, Kia is debuting the Naimo all-electric concept.

The concept takes its name from the Korean word ‘Ne-mo' meaning square shape - something that lends itself to the Naimo's aesthetic. The crossover utility vehicle, or CUV, was conceived by Kia's international design team in Seoul and is characterized by its ‘simple lines and solid, muscular stance.'

The simple overall design sports such interjecting details as the wrap-around windscreen and asymmetric sunroof. This mixture of simple and complex is a reference to the common traits of many traditional Korean arts and crafts.

The Naimo's interior was designed to evoke a strong sense of tranquility and features hand-crafted materials throughout such as Korean oak on the floor and door cards, with "Han-ji" paper being used for the head lining. Juxtaposing these traditional elements are modern features such as the transparent organic led display instrument panel.

The concept car has no B-pillars and features ‘suicide' style rear doors to maximize access to the cabin, and a three-way split opening boot-lid, allows for increased access to the load bay for varying luggage sizes.

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