Sunday, June 5, 2011

Alfa Romeo Zagato TZ3

Following on from the Villa D'Este Design Concept Award winning TZ3 Corsa, Zagato has announced the production of nine more TZ3 models.

Unlike the 8C based TZ3 Corsa, the new Stradale will be based upon a Dodge Viper ACR platform and V10 drivetrain, making it the 'first American Alfa Romeo' according to Zagato.

The car is said to be a tribute to Alfa Romeo and Zagato's street legal heritage, and continues the line of cars that ended with the S.Z. and R.Z. in the 90's.

The Stradale boasts a carbon fiber body like the Corsa as well as the 'Kamm-tail' layout, but the rest of the body is new; loosing the shooting brake style silhouette, whilst also sporting a new DRG and new glasshouse sections.

The TZ3 Stradale is a strictly limited run of just nine cars with three cars, commissioned by Alfa Romeo Zagato collector Martin kapp, with the first car being delivered to US based fellow collector, Eric King. Chassis numbers two and three are heading to Japan and Europe respectively.

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