Friday, October 7, 2011


BMW has revealed a new electric scooter concept, the Concept e, at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show as part of BMW Motorrad's focus on issues of individual single-track mobility.

The Concept e, which was presented alongside BMW's electric i3 and i8 vehicles, is designed to convey the importance that BMW sees in the emotional dialogue between the rider and the vehicle. The Concept e is immediately recognizable as a BMW motorcycle, with the ‘split face' running from the upper trim section to above the front wheel cover. The front and rear side trim sections are finished in 'light white' to contrast starkly the ‘black chrome light' and ‘black chrome dark' used on the upper trim section and side sills respectively. The design of the light alloy wheels is designed to link the Concept e to the BMW i cars.

The Concept e contains two video cameras in the rear light cluster casing, replacing rear mirrors by displaying all activity behind the rider on two LCD monitors located in the cockpit. Other information including vehicle speed is shown on a digital display in the cockpit, which BMW Motorrad has reduced to contain the bare minimum of equipment.

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