Thursday, April 26, 2012

Changan Eado

The Changan Eado, a global mid-size sedan, represents not only a new product, but also on a new platform design language for the Chinese carmaker.

The Eado has been designed to expand the company into the European market, and Changan's investment into design and production follows the current trend of Chinese automakers aiming to export their models to other markets.

The Eado has been designed by Stefano Carminati and is said to combine the features of 'European fashion', 'Japanese fineness' and the needs of Chinese consumers to maximize its appeal. With the car measuring 4,620mm in length, 1,820mm in width, 1,490mm in height, with a 2,660mm wheelbase, the Eado is at the top end of the C-segment in terms of size.

its exterior design appears well-proportioned and tastefully executed in the most conventional manner, while its interior is similarly traditional, particualrly with beige color and trim but also appears to be attractive and well-specified.

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