Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Engine treatment

All must know that it is very important for proper maintenance of a vehicle which replace your fluids to cause the vehicle to work best,today's stop-and-go driving and higher freeway speeds make it more important than ever to use our friction-reducing products in your vehicle.The Engine Treatment saves you money by reducing fuel consumption, decreasing maintenance costs and extending the life of your engine.You will also notice smoother operation and improved performance with increased horsepower and torque.Choosing the right fuel treatments might be the difference between your car mechanism's receiving bad deposits or not as well as it could reduce the engine's wear or increase it in case it was wrongly chosen.Fuel treatments are applied in order to improve specific car functioning areas and therefore you should have a clear idea on what you need to correct before buying the treatment fuel for for good maintenance always replace your windshield wipers and check tire Pressures you to have security and can also offer those who are in the vehicle with you then from that moment to know that it is very important to make a good maintenance of the vehicle so that you can travel and go out of your day to day, always remember that proper maintenance will make you spend less than a wait for a problem.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ford Tourneo Custom

The Tourneo Custom – which will take the iconic Transit name in commercial vehicle form – was first unveiled in concept form at the 2012 Geneva motor show and has been confirmed for production.

The Transite/Tourneo follows Ford's Kinetic design approach that features on the company's passenger car range, including a sportier stance, bold rising shoulder line, flush glazing, distinctive trapezoidal grille and prominent wheel lips.

Available in eight or nine seat configurations as a passenger vehicle, the Tourneo Custom comes in both short and long wheelbase, which measure in at 4,970mm and 5,430mm respectively while the vehicle stands at less than two meters high. The longer wheelbase means there is extended luggage space behind the third seat row.

The cockpit features a driver-focused instrument panel with technologies also found in Ford's passenger car range. The rear seats are a completely new design that can be folded into multiple configurations and removed in sections or completely.

Ford's SYNC voice-activated connectivity system enables the connection of mobile phones and an advanced restraint system including driver, passenger, and side and curtain airbags feature in the Tourneo Custom. A rear-view camera is also integrated into the rear view mirror as an added safety feature.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chevrolet Trailblazer

The Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV made its production debut at a special launch event ahead of the 2012 Bangkok International Motor Show and now Chevrolet has confirmed that the vehicle will be available to purchase throughout the world, starting in Thailand in June.

The car was created by the GM South America Design Center in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil, and shares a number of design cues with the Chevrolet Colorado, following the brand's global design DNA. The dual-port grille, synonymous with the brand's range, is again present with the bow tie proudly displayed on the horizontal bar.

Matt Noone, director of Design for GM do Brasil, says: "There's an obvious sense of muscle in the design, but at the same time a very sophisticated appearance in line with the world's premium SUVs.

"From every angle, the Chevrolet Trailblazer looks agile and athletic, with a refined finish that makes it a vehicle our customers will aspire to own," he adds.

Inside the car features a flowing IP, integrated center stack and Chevrolet's dual cockpit design, attempting to marry the features of an SUV with the characteristics of a passenger car.

Chevrolet hopes that the contrasting trim used with the light-colored leather seating and dual-grained surfaces on the instrument panel convey a premium feel.

Monday, April 30, 2012

BMW i8

BMW has released images and information about its i8 Concept Spyder, which follows on from the i3 and i8 concepts.

This open-top two-seater car features upwards-swiveling doors that pivot forwards around the A-pillars, a transparent glass panel at the rear and is based around the LifeDrive architecture, which fusing independent units together using a lightweight modular construction. A two-section roof is planned for less favorable conditions.

The i8 Concept Spyder has a shorter wheelbase and length than the coupe version of the original i8 Concept and features solid doors – rather than transparent doors. This, along with a more production-viable interior suggest that the i8 is now very close to reaching the market.

Aerodynamic elements include elements include front spoiler lips, AirCurtains, aeroflaps and a rear diffuser, helping to increase the car's efficiency.

The headlamps with laser light technology follow the BMW i range's U-shaped design template while a transparent V-shape opens out towards the windscreen while the transparent rear deck panel displays two electric scooters as a rather quirky addition to the package.

The interior of the Spyder comprises of plastic, carbon and leather with a color scheme of off-white and orange. The cockpit and center console has changed slightly from the Coupe, with two large displays making up the interface between the passengers, the car and its surroundings.

The central information display shows the driver the status of the hybrid system, navigation and provides the means for the driver to control the multiple connectivity functions. Another display shows typical information such as the car's speed, while a third display shows which automatic climate control setting is in use.