Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Renault DeZir

The Renault DeZir concept is the first Renault Design project led by Laurens van den Acker. When it's officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October it will lay a marker down for the brand's future design direction.

The 4225mm long two-seat sports coupe embodies Renault's new vision of 'simple', 'sensuous' and 'warm' designs. Its form language develops the fluid themes seen in previous Renault concepts but with a greater emphasis on surface than line. "My early inspiration stemmed from the liquid sensation, wave-like movement and contrasts in light associated with certain rippled surfaces," says Yann Jarsalle, lead exterior designer.

Perforated surfaces, rather than hard-edged boundaries, define the head lamp graphic and reappear on the rear deck and rear fender air intakes. Its Audi R8-esque metallic side blade is used to illustrate the aluminum-bodied DeZir's low weight of 830kg.

Asymmetric door openings reveal a cloud-like white leather bench seat, which appears to levitate above a similarly trimmed floor. The floating IP flows into the door cards and center arm rest while Renault's 'touch design' philosophy is still in evidence.

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